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Big hair, shoulder pads, ruffled blouses — when you got your start in the '80s, you had to look the part. When I launched my promotional and printing company in 1990, I had to compete with "the boys," pantsuit and all. Over time, my hair got a little less poofy and my clothes got a little more fun.

Gwen Robbins, the Promo Princess, from the 80s when she was in College Flashback PHoto
Custom Graphic Design Drawing for The Promo Princess Website featuring Promotional Items and Apparel
Gwen Robbins, the Promo Princess Promotional Products owners, with her children
Custom Graphic Design for Promotional Products Company the Promo Princess in Harrisburg PA


I love helping people find the perfect promotional products. Whatever you need, I am here to help! Big or small events, client appreciation gifts, wedding favors, or whatever it is, I love finding the best quality product at the best possible price. I also love finding unique things that your clients and friends will actually enjoy and use. i.e. not end up in the trashcan.


Why do you enjoy your work?

I love the challenge of finding the perfect thing. And I know this is boring, but I love the paperwork and the little details of getting the order in correctly.

What do you do for fun in your spare time? 

I enjoy spending time at the cabin with my husband and three dogs. I also spend a lot of time traveling with my children to cool places. They keep me young, too, which comes in handy for appealing to the younger generations.

Gwen Robbins, the Promo Princess, owner headshot and branding photo
Graphic Design Custom Drawing for The Promo Princess Apparel and Promotional Products Website
Custom Graphic Design Element for Harrisburg PA Promotional Product Company the Promo Princess
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